Shang Chengxiang

Imbue is a British artist who’s work is collected and exhibited internationally. He’s had solo and group exhibitions in London, Brighton, Paris, Osaka and more.

The use of recognizable images allows Imbue to work on several levels. It affords him a direct, immediate connection with the public. He delights in subverting pop culture images to give them a new, twisted meaning. In a sense, he plays upon the conditioned public, testing its blind adherence to the everyday logos and icons in their lives.


In 2009 he decided to respond to a “send us your gold” advertisement. After receiving his free kit, he promptly filled and returned the envelope with chocolate gold coins. Four days later he received the disappointing form letter explaining that was unable to make him any sort of offer for his treasure.

His work has been featured on numerous blogs and publications including The Independent, The Times and Adbusters.