Release Date: Skateptych x Josh Keyes

July 10th, 2017 at 10am PDT / 1pm EST / 6pm BST

We are extremely pleased to announce our release date for the collaboration with Josh on his first ever print release on a skateboard medium. After a few months of planning, a decision was made to release one of his earlier works from 2009 & a favourite of ours entitled " Lifted ".

A diptych ( set of two skateboard decks ) will be available to purchase from a limited edition of 300 sets worldwide. Hundred percent Canadian Maple wood. Stained blue on the top side to represent water, that we find in most of Josh's artwork. Skateboard decks will be ready to hang, right out the box with the custom hangers provided with each set. Each edition comes with a hand signed & numbered certificate of authenticity from the artist.

“..dealing with extremes of emotion has always been a real core to my work. ..underneath there is a real, deep therapeutic aspect. In many of these pieces with the water, that is depression. In Lifted in particular, obviously with global warming we are in this deep depression that we have to get out of; everyone is affected in some way. For myself, when I feel that bad, there are two ways to go. One way you don’t want to go in. But I think the other way is to be lifted out of that, and for me the eagle represents Lisa [Josh Keyes’s wife] because she has picked me out of dark places many times. I have emphasized the talons because it hurts like hell to be lifted out of depression. But I think what most people read is a sense of tragedy and a sense of anxiety, and I don’t need to say it is about an emotional condition.”- Josh Keyes

The piece has Josh's signature minimal style of animals on a white background and as always a deep meaning and symbolism behind it. With a career that spans over 20 years and that continues to grow, we are proud to be involved with Josh on his journey.

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