Josh Keyes - Tin Can

After months of planning and executing, we have lift off. Our second collaboration with Josh, entitled " Tin Can " is part of the space theme collection put together by the artist and only one to be published on a skateboard medium. The first ever for us to get a non local artist hand sign the skateboards and we couldn't be more proud to have it done with Josh.

Release date:

August 31st 2018

10am PST - 1pm EST - 6pm BST

// $250USD

"The conception of both paintings rattled inside my mind for a few months before the image gelled. I spent some time watching footage of NASA missions and looking up at the stars at night, just thinking what if, and maybe." 1

"I was stuck in indecision for a long time whether or not to make these paintings. The setting in space was so foreign to my previous work. I worked on some other paintings, but the idea of deep infinite space kept creeping through my thoughts. I guess the turning point was just to dive in and see what would happen. I was aware of Jeremy Geddes beautiful astronaut paintings, and wanted to find my own voice for working with this subject matter. " 2

(1) (2) - Q/A taken from 1xRun. Link in quote.

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